Pug Puppy for Sale | Pug Puppy For Sale Near Me 

Pug Puppies are one of the most favored puppies as pets in the puppy family. They are beautiful pups possessing striking talking abilities. Pugs for sale are extremely beautiful, loving, and social creatures, portraying an intelligent, playful, inquisitive, and enchanting self. We are a medium-sized breeding facility that specializes mostly in raring Pug Puppy. We do our best to handle and tame our puppies so you get a member of the family. Puppies are all vaccinated, microchip, healthy, potty trained, playful especially with kids, and comes with all documents.

Few things To Know About the Pug Breed 


Understanding Pug Puppy 

 Pug puppies bring a whole lot of excitement to a home. Described as playful, affectionate, and kid-friendly, many families across the globe prefer pugs as pets due to their joyful nature. Pugs are naturally clownish with a great sense of humor. 

Pug Food And Treat

As pugs are prone to weight gain, it is only imperative to look for the best foods, preferably dry, and in proper amounts as well as feeding during the right time, to keep it fit. Some of the best cooked homed meal good for pugs are White meat, fish, liver and organs, brown rice, green beans, carrots,sweet potatoes, Broccoli, Zucchini and spinach, and fruits like blueberries, blackberries, bananas, pumpkin, etc.

Personality Of A Pug Puppy

Pug Puppy typically make for great family dogs and are good with older children, but can be snappish with younger children. You can help prevent this behavior by socializing your pug early and by giving them lots of exposure to small kids.


 Talking about the health of a pug puppy, we look at nutrition, vaccine, and living standard. Pug vaccines are designed to protect them from infectious diseases that may endanger their health and lives. Its good a pug lover or wonder of a pug pup administer the DHPP (Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus) every month.